Dr. Rodney Clements is a certified animal chiropractor and  helps reset the spine and instill better circulation for healing.  He is currently only adjusting small animals due to a shoulder injury.  He hopes to be back to Equine Chiropractic shortly!     Dr.  Beth Wittenberg can provide Acupuncture and Cold Laser Tx until then!

He is located within our building and is available Monday through Thursday by appointment.

These therapies with whole food supplements and herbs often keep animals off of chronic medications that can be harmful to their long term health.

Cold Laser Therapy

This therapy uses phototherapy to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation, and give pain relief.

Laser therapy helps relieve both acute and chronic inflammation, and aids in a quicker recovery time by increasing circulation to the area. It helps unblock the “traffic jam” within the tissues.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

We offer an alternative cancer treatment called neoplasene. It has worked successfully in transitional cell carcinomas of the bladder, mast cell tumors, sarcomas, adenocarcinomas, osteosarcomas, and more!