Our surgery suite provides lots of natural lighting!  We have gas anesthesia, pain medication, and a registered veterinary technician to monitor all patients.

We also offer bloodwork screening prior to anesthesia. You are welcome to watch surgeries through our observation windows, and be there for your pet for the post-surgery recovery.

We provide on site bloodwork for both Complete Blood Counts and Chemistry Profiles. We can also do centrifuged fecal samples, parvo testing, heartworm testing, feline leukemia/FIV testing, and much more!

We use Diagnostic Ultrasound in a lot of our cases. This gives us the opportunity to look closer at normal and diseased tissues.

Our practice also provides x-ray capabilities for small, large, and exotic animals. Our surgical suite
enables us to do routine spays and neuters, growth and tumor removals, laceration repairs, and more.
We also do routine dental cleanings and tooth extractions.

We support vaccine titer testing for both rabies & DA2P (CORE) antibodies.