The food we eat can have a significant effect on our general health. This is also true for the health of animals. Eating the right foods in the right amounts can help the body heal itself and maintain good condition throughout life. Holistic veterinary care understands the link between food and health. At Natural Pet Care Center in El Dorado, KS, we are a holistic animal clinic that offers a broad range of services to help pets achieve and maintain optimal health at every stage of life.

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Holistic Approach to Veterinary Care

A holistic veterinarian employs a vast range of techniques and therapies that go beyond standard veterinary care, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and chiropractic care. A holistic approach looks to address the root cause of disease and discomfort rather than simply treating the symptoms. As a result, holistic care can be gentler and can help pets feel better with fewer side effects. Holistic veterinary care fundamentally understands the importance of nutrition and works to maximize health through the use of clean food that is free of contaminants and additives.

The Impact of Nutrition on Your Pet’s Health

Commercial pet foods often change the essential nature of foods through over-processing and the addition of chemicals that allow the food to be stored for long periods. This can reduce the nutritional value of the food. Different forms of food may be necessary to effectively restore health, such as “clean” ingredients, homemade recipes, and supplementation with whole food supplements, minerals, or other components for additional benefit. The right foods can also help to avoid or treat certain diseases in pets, such as urinary stones in cats or joint problems in dogs. Our holistic veterinarian can design a nutritional regime that best suits your pet’s unique needs.

Holistic Animal Clinic in El Dorado, KS

Dr. Beth Wittenberg and our team at Natural Pet Care Center are committed to providing pet owners in El Dorado, KS with the highest quality holistic veterinary care. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s health, considering important factors like age, breed, and lifestyle, to create a comprehensive nutrition plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs. For more information on the services available at our holistic animal clinic including herbal medicine or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (316) 452-5750.